10 Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

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Article by Queena

Are you renting out a small apartment? Or perhaps, you live in a granny flat? It may be that you live in a tiny house, but that doesn’t mean you like to be cramped up! You don’t have to suffer through lack of space because there ways to get around your little problem.

Remember: you don’t need a large place to get more space. Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you modify your home:

1. Stay in the Light
Light colours can do wonders for a small space. The bright shade can reflect more light and expand your four walls. Stay away from dark colours because they tend to absorb light and make it the space look smaller. The same goes for your walls and floors — light and neutral colours that don’t contrast each other will create a visual illusion that lengthens a room’s space. For instance, simple cozy pillowslips can brighten up your room. If you think using only the same hues will look boring, try different textured/patterned items but of the same bright shade. You can match them with whitish walls and voila! Your room will immediately feel airy and spacious.

2. Stripes
Don’t be afraid to try bold patterns — as long as they’re large, that is. Small patterns are “too busy” for a small room. And if you’re trying patterns, stripes are the way to go. Stripes have the ability to elongate any space (even your bed); the horizontal lines will lengthen a room, while vertical patterns add height to any space.

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3. Go Big or Go Home
If you think small spaces can’t afford to add accent pieces, think again! It’s all about creating a focal point in the room that leads away from the four corners of the room. Hence, large art pieces are efficient and attractive — if used the right way, that is. Another décor you can use are tall floral arrangements that will draw the eyes upwards, efficiently enlarging your room. The key to this trick is that you would have to use less pieces to avoid clutter in your room. Stick to the cantaloupe rule, which means you only pick pieces that are larger than the fruit.

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4. Thin Stems
When choosing furniture like tables, beds, chairs and couches, choose pieces with exposed, thin legs. Chairs and tables with hairpin legs are also worth considering. This will keep the room from getting stuffy by keeping floor space looking free and spacious.

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5. Stay Organized
Essential to keeping your room big, is to keep it from looking messy. The obvious solution is to declutter incessantly. Throw away things that are unnecessary and unused. It’s time to do some general cleaning and a garage sale right after. Hence, say “NO!” to hoarding! Making a habit out of this will help you save some bucks in the long run as well.

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6. Clever Storage:
How can you classify the normal piece of furniture from the “clever” ones? Here’s how you can classify these gems: a) They must be able to blend in or stay “hidden” in your space, while b) being a decorative piece in your home, and c) they serve more than one purpose in their occupied space. Nowadays, ottomans double as stools and storage compartments. Vintage trunks are great accent pieces and can be used as coffee tables too.

Vintage Trunk

7. Twinkle-Twinkle Little Lights
Using the right lighting system is beneficial for a small space. Bad lighting can make a room look crowded and dull. Skip the centered overhead lighting and go for smaller sources of light. Middle-line lighting creates a tunnel-like effect to your room brought by the slight darkness of the walls, making the room look claustrophobic. Instead, light up the sides of the room by going for a combination of desk lamps, wall sconces, and track lighting. This will help the light “bounce” off the walls, reflecting it in different directions. Avoid using floor lamps as they would only take too much floor space.

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8. Mirror, mirror…
Since you want to reflect and bounce more light in your room, mirrors can do that while giving the illusion of a larger room. Strategically place mirrors behind furniture to give its reflection more depth. Big mirrors are especially enticing, and can easily double as an accent piece. Mirrored interiors can give the illusion of having more space.


9. Nude Windows
Other than being a great cost-cutting strategy, natural lighting can make your room look bigger. By keeping your windows bare, it adds depth to your room. On the other hand, if you find it necessary to use curtains, choose shades that match the colour of your walls and keep them as bright-hued as possible. Sheer curtains are your best bet for this. Simple, breezy curtains are best, as anything too patterned will appear complicated and crowded.

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10. Off the Walls
Lining up your furniture up against the wall gives it all away. You’re immediately “boxing” the room by defining its limitations. As an experiment, use smaller and thinner furniture and place them away from the walls. It’s worth a shot, given this roomy set-up will give you more space. A minimalist approach works well with this tip.

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Say goodbye to stressing out over lack of space in your home! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to maximise your space in no time. Free yourself and tell us which of these strategies you’ll be using for your house in the comments!

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