2017 Bathroom Design Trends You Will Love

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Natural Materials, Organic Shapes and Darker Hues: 2017 Bathroom Design Trends you will Love!

Long gone are the days when bathroom was considered to be uninspiring room, appreciated only because of functionality. Today, the underdog of interior design is finally living its glory days, and from where we’re standing, 2017 is going to be a great year for it. Some of the trends that were introduced in the previous years, such as statement tiles, are still going strong, while the rest of the tendencies are keeping up with the overall interior design trends of 2017, so we’ll be seeing a lot of colors and materials that aim to return design to nature. And now, let’s see some of the best bathroom-related trends we can expect this year

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The Darker the Better

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There was a time when all bathrooms had to be white. Luckily, that time is gone, and the world has finally got over the white tub, white tile and white vanity combo. Now, there is plenty more room to experiment with darker shades and even black bathrooms are having their moment. When cleverly complemented with metallic accents (gold, brass), an all-black bathroom screams timeless elegance. In the design world – grey is the new black, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of this shade too.

Pure Organic

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As we’ve already mentioned, interior design is making its trip back to nature, and this means a lot of organic shapes in the bathroom. The organic way of producing vanities, tubs and other bathroom items will dictate the oddness and uniqueness of shapes that are not industrially manufactured, and thus give every bathroom a specific and different persona.

Completely Free Self-Indulgence

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When you’re imagining the perfect relaxing bathroom that promotes self-indulgence, what do you have in mind? Whatever it is, it must include a freestanding bathtub. Yes, the world is not over with these beauties, although they already rule the bathroom design for couple of years back. In 2017, this fixture will be used to provide contrast to prevailing design.

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A curved freestanding bath will give softness to an angular room, while an angular one will contribute to a highly-structured bathroom.

Clay, wood and more of Mother Nature’s delights

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Image 6 source: designrulz.com

Another return-to-the-roots moment in 2017 bathroom design, natural materials are all the rage this year. Timber continues to flourish in the bathrooms for years now, and it will be used for everything from covering walls to vanities. The natural vibe will be enhanced with natural stone and river rock, which will be used on baths, sinks and vanity tops. The material that took us by surprise was clay. Still, we’ve should have seen that coming, since clay is one of the oldest materials used for water vessels – it obviously goes well with water features. It will be introduced in the form of faucets, water-dispensing products, and other.

Let it Flow

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When people choose bathroom tiles, they decide for one type for the floor and a different one for the walls. This year, things will be different. The same cladding materials will be used for both floors and walls, thus creating a seamless continuity between the two. The interrupted design will make the bathroom appear bigger, while odd tile shapes can inject it with a playful vibe.

The Brass Comeback

The ‘70s was a great decade with so many inspiring trends. Still, if there’s one trend that we couldn’t wait to return, that is brass. This fabulously-looking alloy of copper and zinc of a pale yellowish hue is finally back. Brass is perfect to combine with navy blue, vintage pieces, concrete, rich grey or black, silver, farmhouse or cottage elements (e.g. farmhouse-style shower with exposed piping). The key is to use it to create contrast to darker hues or colder-looking materials.

The Industrial Revolution

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Image 8 source: decoist.com

Not so long ago, the industrial style was introduced out of necessity, frugality and efficiency. Now, it has gained a whole different dimension, and the simple aesthetic and unassuming charm of this design became hip. Industrial design will rule the trends this year, bringing the stripped-down appearance, claw-foot tubs, concrete floors and exposed pipes straight into our bathrooms

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It is obvious that the bathrooms of 2017 will be everything but boring. They will make us run back to nature, become bolder or even travel back through time.

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