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It doesn’t matter whether your backyard is big or small – if you have an outdoor space at your home, you can consider yourself lucky. With a bit of effort, creativity and smart budgeting, you can truly transform this area into your own perfect getaway. Not only will a nicely organized outdoor space allow you to relax and rewind after a long day, but you will also get the opportunity to improve your lifestyle and breathe more fresh air. If you need some interesting ideas to get you started, keep on reading.

Tend to the Garden

You may not be big on gardening but that’s no reason not to enjoy the beauty of plants. There are plenty of plant species that are very low-maintenance. This means that you won’t have to spend too much time taking care of them once you plant them.

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Of course, for a lovely outdoor space you need to designate one area for the garden. Having your plants alongside the fence is a great way to save space yet decorate your yard. The best thing about this trend is the choice of plant colors. You can pick one specific color, or mix and match two or three. Just keep in mind that the petal shades should complement each other.

Play with paths

Even the smallest outdoor space can look especially endearing with lovely footpaths and DIY garden separators. If you’re set on a budget-friendly upgrade of your yard, you can pave your own path as well. Basically, you can use for your mold anything you like the shape of, and you can also pour Geostone decorative concrete for the best effect. You can even add various imprints such as leaves, stars, hand prints, etc. Moreover, separating your garden from the rest of your outdoor space could also use some creativity. Larger stones, bricks and even roof tiles can all serve the purpose of a grungy yet trendy garden separator.

Furniture Ideas

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Instead of buying completely new patio furniture, hit the garage sales and flea markets in your area. You are bound to find some really cool pieces that can turn into real gems with a bit of DIY. In case you find some metal patio furniture, you could use waterproof metallic spray to give it a fresh look. Wooden furniture can be painted over and even decorated in decoupage technique. On the other hand, any fabric and material can be replaced and your furniture reupholstered. You can also add to the overall comfort with cushions that match the general theme.

Statement Pieces

The latest trend in outdoor design involves some really unique statement pieces. Of course, fountains, statues and ponds may be the first that come to mind. However, you don’t have to invest your money into these yard additions. You can make use of your sentimental things that have no real purpose anymore.

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For example, if you have an old childhood bike that you simply can’t seem to part with, you can turn it into a gorgeous statement piece. Just imagine your bike as a centerpiece of your yard and a support for some lovely climbing vines. You could do the same with some old and unique chairs, ladders and whatever else comes to mind.

Introduce Details

No outdoor space can be fully complete without some decorative bits and pieces. In case you have a smaller yard, you can make cool bird houses and put them up. Old-school road signs that could tell direction to your favorite fantasy lands are also a great idea. Moreover, if you’re blessed with more space and large trees, use this opportunity to make a swing out of an old tire or planks. Citronella candles and torches here and there can protect you from insects and serve as a decoration as well. Moreover, fairy light curtains and strings can look whimsical when placed outdoors – just make sure these are LED lights.

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Feel inspired yet? There’s no reason to let your backyard go to waste just because you’re under the impression that the work will cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re patient with your thrift hunt, take a good look at all your unused things and let your skill and creativity run wild, because you can truly make something really special, personal and functional out of your outdoor space.

Article by Chloe Taylor

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