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Are you seeking inspiration for your kitchen? Accept our open invitation to browse our French Kitchen Collection of European old world one-of-a-kind and antique reproduction furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories to give your kitchen the flavor and unfitted charm of a Country house in France.

Turn your kitchen into a French Country Farmhouse with rough reclaimed wood beams, gleaming copper pots & natural color straight out of Provencal landscape. Design ideas, recipes and French-inspired furniture, lighting and kitchen decor from Indeed Decor.

Rustic French Kitchen | Indeed Decor

Authentic Old World Style

French country decor is the best of both worlds–European-style elegance crossed with rustic country elements. The style comes out of ancient country homes of the French countryside where the upper crust of Paris would (and still do) retreat during the hot summer months when city living is unbearable.

The style is about blending the elegance and stateliness with rustic charm and comfort. It’s a style holistically developed on these French country estates between precious family heirlooms handed down through generations and the natural ease that just happens on a real country farm. As this style has developed and spread in popularity around the world, more importance has been placed on the country aspects of the style.

The key to French country decor is to blend old world style with rustic easiness to create an inviting and comfy space.

Open Shelving

Display your china, baskets and vintage garden accessories on open shelving to give your kitchen personality and a lived in feeling.

White French Kitchen | Indeed Decor

Kitchen Table  Choose a rough hewn rustic table with an elegant chandelier to achieve a rustic French country look.


French Country kitchens feature lighting not typically found in modern kitchens. Old-world wrought iron, crystal beading and distressed wood add time-worn patina and rustic elegance to Indeed Decor’s extraordinary, eye-catching French Style Lighting.  French chandeliers and hanging pendants, were inspired by treasures salvaged from a Parisian flea market or ancient heirlooms found in a crumbling French Chateau. Choose from stunning lights from Aidan Gray and Cyan Designs to gracefully illuminate your French Farmhouse Kitchen.

Chandelier in French Kitchen | Indeed Decor

Natural Light-Indoor/Outdoor Connection

An authentic French Farmhouse Kitchen should have an abundance of natural light and a close connection to a cook’s garden for snipping herbs and fresh vegetables.

French Sun Lit Kitchen | Indeed decor

Rustic Natural Materials: For authenticity, mix in earthy materials that would have been used 200 years ago; recycled brick floors, beams, rugged fieldstone. Soapstone countertops age gracefully. (Slate is a less-pricey alternative.) For similar charm, install new terra-cotta or unglazed ceramic tiles. Pockmarks are a plus for a worn-over-time look.

Rustic French Kitchen

Our Adhesive Wood Panels instantly transform walls, backsplashes, headboards and ceilings into Old World Farmhouse Style. Available in an array of woods and finishes, they can be cut to fit your individual space and hung in a few simple steps.

French Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets 

French country design mimics the beauty and charm of rural France. French country kitchen cabinets use natural materials such as wood, as well as earth-toned color schemes for a comfortable environment that favors serious cooking. I love the look of free standing furniture as a kitchen cabinet like our French Pigeon Hole Hutch


Cabinets French Kitchen | Indeed Decor

Most French Farmhouse cabinets are crafted of wood and are left in natural warm tones showing distinctive wood graining. They can also be antiqued or distressed in order to portray a welcome, lived-in look. If the wood cabinets are painted, they tend to be in warm earth tones or cream-based colors to reflect colors seen in the rural French countryside.

In terms of cabinet components, hardware used in French country kitchens is usually ornate and made of antique brass, bronze or iron. Leaded glass or wire grille door panel inserts are additional touches that can give your cabinets that authentic French country feel. Rustic bead board can also be added to cabinetry to give a more casual, lived-in feel.

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Regardless of your design budget, the French Farmhouse look and feel can be achieved in your kitchen by including warm colors, distressed wood and an emphasis on the reason why kitchens exist to begin with—to cook and feed family and friends. Bon apetit!

Artisan Copper Cookware  

As beautiful as they are practical, artisan copper cookware are all shaped by hand, then treated to a double layer of tin on the interior, so they are safe to use with any cooktop or oven. Fitted with bronze handles, this is artisanal cookware of the highest order.

copper amoretti brothers | Indeed Decor


Rustic French Cooking

French cuisine can be intimidating, famously requiring sophisticated technique and strict attention to detail. Yet dishes like creamy onion gratin, gougères, and succulent roasted rabbit prove that a French-inspired dinner can be both elegant and comforting, as well as simple to prepare.

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