What Makes a Home Country?

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What makes a home country? The allure of country living is undeniable and everlasting. Country or farmhouse style has steadily grown and evolved over the years.  Gingham and lace are out, burlap and unbleached linen in. Fussy porcelain knickknacks are passe and industrial factory tools are the new cool. Modern country style is defined by subtle neutral colors, an eclectic mix of Industrial and Rural Rustic Furniture, European Family Heirlooms, and Woven Textured Rugs,. Open, multifunctional living areas easily showcase  collections of repurposed things. Here is my list of trending country home decor ideas and products I think belong in an urban homestead or rural retreat.

Weathered Furniture & Sisal Rugs

 A bit of patina feels right at home. I love pieces that appear to have a history to them. Vintage style whitewashed cupboards, barn wood buffets, punched tin doors, reclaimed surfaces and rustic hardware will give any room in your home an interesting, comfortable informality.

Introduce texture with sisal rugs to add visual interest and keep a soothing, light feel in any room.  Sisal, jute or hemp rugs are family and pet friendly and promote a casual natural style. Indeed Decor’s Collection of Jaipur Natural Rugs give a room fresh, organic, causal feel. Eco friendly and durable, Jaipur natural rugs fit in a wide variety of homes, such as your beach cottage, farmhouse or urban loft.

Farmhouse | Indeed Decor

Browse Indeed Decor’s Country Cottage Furniture collection of vintage flea market finds, reclaimed wood & iron tables and carts, time-worn linen and burlap upholstered chairs and classic wicker rockers and day beds to bring cottage charm to any room in your home. Our Rural Chic Farmhouse Collection of furniture is an interesting blend of traditional, country, cottage and industrial styles designed by Aidan Gray, Go Home, Mr. Brown and Mainly Baskets. Let us help you reinterpret a classic look to give your home casual comfort and eclectic flair.

Open Shelving

Open Shleving 4

Why hide vintage finds and classic china?  Display your collectibles with pride and use home spun accessories and family heirlooms for juxtaposition. Open shelves feel hospitable―guests can just grab wineglasses off the shelf―and force you to edit. For ideas and inspiration to help you create open shelving in your kitchen:

10 Favorites: Rustic Open Shelving in the Kitchen by Sarah Lonsdale

Open kitchen shelving by Sunset Magazine

Reclaimed Wood Planks and Rustic Beams

Stikwood Adhesive Wood Panels instantly transform walls, backsplashes, headboards and ceilings. Available in an array of woods and finishes, they can be cut to fit your individual space and hung in a few simple steps.

Weathered Wood | Indeed Decor

Chalk Board 

I love chalk board paint in the entry foyer.  It lets guests and family know they are here to relax and have fun!  Plus, the messages they leave behind are priceless! Framed chalk boards in kitchen and dining areas are a great place to post menus and showcase continual artwork.  Give your home a vintage school house patina with chalk board in a timeworn frame.

Chalk Board Entry

Barn Style Doors

I have a thing for barns.  Growing up in Montana I have seen more than my share but never tire of weathered barn wood and industrial hardware. Currently barn style doors are all the design rage.  Use them in your entry, kitchen, pantry or bathroom to bring rustic rural style to any room! For a tutorial on how to make your own see: Make Your Own Barn-Style Door

Barn Style Doors | Indeed Decor

Chicken Wire Chique

Now here is something to crow about! Chicken wire wields home spun, nostalgic, malleable and inexpensive design punch.  Use chicken wire found in most hard ware stores to fashion lights, baskets, cloches and even insert on cupboard doors. For a plethora of chicken wire decor ideas: 16,391 chicken wire Home Design Photos or Chic Chicken Wire from Country Living.

Chicken Wire Cupboard | Indeed Decor

 A Bevy of Baskets

Natural fiber rugs, linens, hemps, raw woods and baskets all make a room feel more “natural”.

Baskets Galor | Indeed DecorShop Indeed Decor’s hand-crafted baskets, artfully woven in wicker, willow, grape vine, sea grass and industrial metal to accent any style of decor. Use our baskets in many shapes,sizes and styles to display magazines, garden supplies. plants and freshly laid eggs or as stylish storage solutions for office and craft supplies or organized laundry.

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds | Indeed Decor

Farm Style Home Accessories

Rural Country living inspires Indeed Decor’s whimsical Americana collection of farm style home accessories. Interesting objects and flea market finds include vintage bird cages, reclaimed metal farm animals, galvanized metal gathering baskets and chicken wire egg baskets. Personalize your modern country style by mixing and matching country style accessories with rustic accents from our Industrial Loft Collection. Check in often as there is always something new.

Slip Covered Furniture

Slipcovers are a great way to protect and refresh your furniture. Whether you’re looking for a calming neutral or something wilder, slipcovers provide endless possibilities. We love the look of unbleached linen slipcovers in a modern country farmhouse.  The style is clean and fresh and goes with anything. Slip covers | Indeed Decor

Salvaged Fixtures  Antique or antique inspired Farmhouse Lighting instantly transforms a room.  There is no faster way to make a rural chic statement.

Fixture | Indeed Decor

Illuminate any room in your home with Indeed Decor’s rustic country lighting. Impart classic country charm with our vintage schoolhouse pendant hanging lights, barn style rustic chandelier or pharmacy table lamp. Our farm style lights are carefully crafted with galvanized metal, rustic chicken wire, industrial steel and many feature trendy Edison light bulbs. Country style lighting is timeless Americana that will never go out of style.

Galvanized Anything!


One of my favorite hand me downs is my gramma’s time worn galvanized watering can.  Even though it is slightly past its prime and leaks like a sieve, it sports a place of honor on our covered front porch. Galvanized metal can be used throughout your home as countertops, walls or even a kitchen sink. For galvanized metal design ideas see this Houzz site: Galvanized metal Home Design

Soothing Neutral Colors Set a calm tone for your farm style home with natural elements. Interesting textures of hemp woven rugs and subtly patterned textiles will give your home a sophisticated county feel.

Neutral Colors | Indeed Decor

More Cow Bell? Barnyard Friends

Okay, I will admit to use any excuse to use the words, “More Cow Bell”.  Add bucolic charm to any room in your farmhouse with Farm Animal Home Accessories and Wall Decor.

Layer Indeed Decor’s charming Farm Animal Pillows on your sofa or bed for a pop of color and personality. Mix and Match all of our barnyard pillows with our Farmhouse Collection of Furniture, Lighting, Textiles, Tableware , Rugs and Wall Decor to bring a Farm Fresh feeling to your home!

Embellish your reclaimed wood paneled walls with Indeed Decor’s Farm Style Wall Decor. Our charming collection includes beautifully framed farm animal prints and giclees, zinc prize ribbons, galvanized shelves and aluminum barn animal mounts. Use our whimsical and country classic wall decor to add eclectic flair to your farm style home.

Cow Art

More Country Style Decorating Ideas & Inspiration:

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Take a look at these simple and rustic rooms:Farmhouse Style

If your personal style is natural, relaxed and eclectic, you might just have country roots.  Turn any style home into a nature-related, family-friendly charmer with character. Good design is thoughtful, personal and functional.   Most of all, furnishing a farmhouse or rural retreat should be FUN! We would love to see your farmhouse projects.  Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

A move toward nurturing a slower way of life, growing and harvesting food, line drying linens and re-purposing useful objects inspires our whimsical Americana collection of farm style distressed furniture, galvanized lighting, heirloom textiles, shabby chic baskets, flea market finds, hooked barn yard animal pillows and vintage garden tools.

Usher fresh country air into your home with Indeed Decor’s Farmhouse Country Decor Collection of Furniture, Lighting, Wall Decor, Tableware and Woven Natural Rugs. From burlap to barn wood, we always have something new!

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