Meet Japandi: The hottest new design movement for 2017

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The ever popular Scandinavian and Japanese interior design style mixed together gave birth to a completely new, fresh and functional interior design trend called Japandi. Not only is this trend one of the most praised and admired interior design styles for 2017, but it’s predicted that Japandi, with its sleek lines, raw forms and homely warmth is on its way to become a timeless trend. With the best of both worlds, Japandi tones down the extremes of Japanese and Scandinavian interior décor, thus making it perfect and easily accessible to everyone.

1. Simplicity with an impact

Clutter-free interior with simple lines characteristic for both the Scandinavian and Japanese interior design is still there. The mix of statement pieces and soft look works incredibly well, and it bring the best out of Japandi style.

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There’s no overwhelming intensity of the Scandinavian décor or the over-exaggerated nature-themed style of the Japanese décor. Simple yet effective forms that can be found in both styles make key features of the Japandi design movement.

2. Shift in colors

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Again, the fusion of these two styles brings a whole new range of color schemes. Soft and muted colors are the usual choice in Japandi. Basically, clean, almost cold colors of Scandinavian style are given a

gentler and softer hue, while Japanese wood-inspired shades are transformed with brighter tones. This all leads to various décor possibilities and accent colors that include pastel pinks, grays and greens.

3. Different wood tones

Wood is an inseparable part of Japandi trend. Still, unlike Japanese trend where wood is treated as an overall theme, Japandi is characterized by accent wooden pieces. That way, the combo of Scandinavian sharp and statement pieces is softened by wooden furniture pieces and details. However, the Scandinavian influence is still there, making the mix of pale and dark timber an accessory on its own. As accent pieces, wooden furniture such as Nob Hill chairs, elegant Winchester round tables, and even Sheridan wood and steel cabinets act as perfect additions to Japandi-inspired décor.

4. Plants are essential

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Every interior benefits from greenery and Japandi style in no different. Of course, the important thing is to introduce one plant that will act as a statement piece. In that respect, clean and sleek lines of plant pots with tall yet elegant plants are the perfect option for Japandi home. Since the whole style is very specific when it comes to colors, it would be best to avoid overly colorful plants and foliage.

5. Implementing the style

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It may sound difficult, but you too can implement Japandi style into your home. With inspirational My Scandinavian Home offers and ideas on Japanese décor, you can fuse these two styles the way you find most convenient. Start with simple accessories first. Decorative bits such as rugs, cushions and curtains are to remain pattern-free. If you go for bolder, upholstered Scandinavian-inspired sofas for example, make sure to bring in the rawness of nature with coffee and dining tables.

6. Create a balance

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The balance that comes with Japandi style is the result of minimalist, functional yet refined approach to this interior design movement. This is precisely why there’s no room for clutter in Japandi homes. The balance is achieved through clever use of furniture pieces and surfaces of different heights and materials that do not clash with each other. Therefore, when decorating your own home with Japandi style in mind, it’s essential to be very attentive to these details and avoid any elements that evoke anxiety.

The strictness of both Japanese and Scandinavian interior design ceases to exist with their effective fusion. Japandi style definitely has a lot of specific characteristics but it’s far more relaxed and allows you a lot more freedom with décor and furniture layout. In that respect, Japandi style represents the perfect solution for a clean, simple and warm lifestyle.

“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

Article by Chloe Taylor

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