Minimalism: Inspiring Design Ideas

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Minimalist trend in interior design is getting more popular every day. This is hardly surprising since people want to break free from consumerism trap. Moreover, minimalist design offers pleasant and calming atmosphere and reduces stress. There’s no one way to be minimal with your personal surroundings. Minimalist doesn’t have to equal modern, plain and sleek if you don’t want it to. True minimalism comes from your ability to get rid of things that you absolutely don’t need and fill your home with must-have items that make you happy.

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1. Choose Your Style

As mentioned, minimalism isn’t one particular style. It’s more of a guideline in organizing your own personal style. In that respect, it’s essential that you actually define the style you want in your home. You are free to mix and match different trends as long as they suit your personality and tastes. You can get interesting insight on the perfect interior style for you by taking some online quizzes as well as doing your research online. There are plenty of home interior pictures on the Web so feel free to use those that catch your eye as an inspiration for your own place.

2. Declutter your space

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Once you know what your design goal is, you can find it a lot easier to declutter your home. Hoarding things that you don’t need and make a mess is everything but minimalist. What’s more, excessive clutter has serious impact on your mind and can make you feel stressed and anxious. That said, you don’t have to rush this process. Getting rid of stuff is not easy. Analyze your rooms and make a note of all the things that are never or very rarely used. This applies to everything you own, from clothes and furniture to accessories and cutlery. Take as many days as necessary for this process. You will also have to consider decluttering things that don’t match your preferred interior style.

3. Adequate Storage Space

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It’s perfectly understandable that even after a thorough declutter, you still have to choose adequate storage for things that you decided to keep. For example, my biggest issue was the clothes. I managed to declutter all the garments that no longer fit or I simply didn’t wear them.

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However, I still wasn’t satisfied with the amount of space my clothes occupied in the wardrobe, especially off-season clothes. Efficient and affordable storage in Adelaide solved this problem for me. If you have a basement or a storage room where you can store clothes and other things, that’s great! Still, if you’re in the same situation as I was, I can’t recommend utilizing storage companies enough.

4. Organize!

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Apart from the above-mentioned storage problem with things that simply cannot find their place in your minimalist and clutter-free home, there’s also the question of properly organizing items that you want to keep at home.

5. Accessorizing

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The majority of people think that a minimalist home lacks personality due to the minimal amount of accessories. This isn’t true at all. My preferred style is shabby chic, almost rustic interior design. Therefore, I made sure that every piece of furniture in my home is an accessory as well. Thanks to carved wood dressers and cabinets as well as Spanish Colonial rustic style wardrobe, I brought plenty of texture into my home. You don’t have to shy away from patterns either. Enjoy your interesting carpets and curtains. These are the elements that add warmth to your home. On the other hand, I completely minimized the use of little bits and bobs that simple broke the harmony of the whole place. Statement wall art, a couple of plant pots, one matching frame that holds a photo of my family, as well as few decorative candles were more than enough to add a personal touch to my already unique and textured home layout.

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Article by Chloe Taylor


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