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Do you prefer a romantic picnic to a fancy restaurant dinner? Are the best moments those spent relaxing “alfresco style?” Reminiscent of the French countryside, a Moveable Feast wedding theme promises an unforgettable celebration of love in a chic yet comfortable setting.

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Alfresco Appetizers

You can set up a welcome outdoor appetizer buffet next to a wine/beverage bar to welcome your guests to your Movable Feast Wedding Celebration.  Perfect for entertaining outside, these showy finger food collections feature meats served straight off the grill and cool dips with no-fuss presentations.

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Cheese Cake Appetizer | Diving Dog Vineyard

How stunning is this wedding “cheese cake” made by a stacked assortment of imported cheeses?  Garnish with lavender, fresh herbs and grape leaves and surround with grapes and crackers or toasted french bread.

Picnic Baskets, Boxes or Bags

Picnic Boxes

When your guests arrive each party or person could be given a packed and decorated picnic “take out”box or bag with all the fixings.  If your budget allows give your guests a basket and let them choose picnic treats for your wedding reception. What a great party favor to take home after the wedding!

Wedding Picnic

If you don’t have enough tables and chairs for a wedding crowd set out vintage quilts, blankets and cushions for guests to enjoy your wedding celebration in causal style.

Wedding Picnic Menu Ideas

These wedding picnic recipes are both portable and casual, making for the perfect alfresco repast. Fill inexpensive, reusable classic Mason jars with colorful layered salads, sides and even desserts.

Salad In a Jar

Prepare sandwiches using loaves of crusty french bread filled with seasonal vegetables, local cheeses and meats.  We love the look of this rustic artisan loaf.  Simply slice off the top, fill with yummy ingredients, replace the top slice and Voila! A beautiful loaf sandwich for a small wedding group or family!

Picnic Sandwich

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Beverage Dispensers

Fill mason jars with refreshing teas, mint cucumber water and lemonades. Have large glass dispensers for refills at the bar. Here are some easy, creative recipes for non-alcoholic picnic beverages:

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Iced Tea

Picnic Wine


Have an outdoor bar set up (love this wheelbarrow) but also include a bottle or two in each picnic basket.  Don’t forget the corkscrew!

What are the best picnic wines? Think cool, crisp, and white/rosé or very light red. A nice bottle of wine does not have to break the bank!

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Wedding Tables Some guests will be more comfortable dining at tables. We love the rustic, simplicity of this wedding picnic table constructed of four stacked reclaimed pallets.

Palette Table

Rustic or Elegant?  How about both?

A Wedding Picnic does not have to be fancy or elaborate to be romantic.  Add a few touches like Gramma’s lace table cloth, china and inexpensive wine glasses for an over the top look your friends and family won’t soon forget!

Elegant Picnic Wedding | Diving Dog Vineyard

Sweet Tiny Touches

Sometimes less is more.  This wedding party used wild flowers tucked in twine as napkin rings around simple cotton napkins.  The look is both fresh and clean, not to mention personal and affordable.

Sweet Tiny Touches | Indeed Decor

Who needs fancy candle sticks?  We love this melding of form and function! Fill Mason jars with citronella oil, lemon slices and fresh herbs and top with floating candles. Very pretty, fresh scents that will drive insects away too. Line your dining tables with these candle jars and garnish with whole lemons, lines and more fresh herbs.


Wedding Picnic Fun & Games

For the kid in all of us!  Set up lawn games like croquet. bocce, badminton and horse shoes. These are guaranteed to elevate your wedding into “best party ever”!

Lawn Games

A plethora of picnic baskets, blankets, vintage‐style cushions, and old‐fashioned lawn games lend an idyllic ambience unlike any other. Guests appreciate touches like “wedding cakes” fashioned from stacked imported cheeses and vintage wheelbarrows stuffed with fine wines. Grape leaves and lavender garnish antique trays laden with grilled meats, seasonal vegetables, and crusty bread loaves for delicious, custom‐made sandwiches.

What’s more, guests pack everything up in a charming box, bag, or basket for transport to a favorite dining spot on the patio or under a tree. If the budget allows, the container makes a great take‐home party favor!

From invitation and dress style to music and venue design ─ we believe no detail is too big or too small. The occasion demands perfection. Let our design team at Indeed Décor offer inspiration and ideas for your perfect Moveable Feast wedding, from beginning to sensational end.


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