Cobalt Goblet (set of 4)


Product Description

All that glitters is so bold! Collect our fabulous, fun table accessories and wow your buffet guests. Mix and match our dinner/serving ware, glassware, flatware, textiles and accents to create a warm, casual, unforgettable event. See Indeed Décor’s Facebook and Pinterest Board for informal, fun and inexpensive buffet recipes and decorating tips.

Each piece of Mexican hand blown glassware is a unique creation. There will never be two exactly alike. The centuries-old glass blowing techniques used by the craftsmen create small air bubbles in the glass giving this type of glassware it’s well known name, bubble glass. This assortment of martini glasses, margarita glasses, tumblers, cocktail glasses and pitchers are made with recycled glass and are all lead-free. Use and Care of Mexican Glassware: All authentic Mexican glassware has bubbles trapped within the glass and is non-tempered. The tiny air bubbles can expand and crack the glass when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Hand washing is recommended. If using a dishwasher, allow a cooling off period before removing from the dishwasher. Do not put in microwave or use to serve hot drinks.