Recycled Turquoise Bulb Vase copy

Recycled Bulb Vases-set of 6


Product Description

Indeed Decor is proof that green living can be stylish and attractive with its Recycled Bulb Vases. Made from recycled glass, Indeed’s Recycled Bulb vases measure 4 x 5. Color varies slightly due to the nature of the recycled medium.


1. Score the bottom of your paperwhite bulb with a razor or knife making a shallow X where the roots are. This expedites water moistening the bulb and generating root growth.

2. Add just enough water to your bulb vase so the level is below the paperwhite bulb, but is wetting the roots. It is important that the bulb is not submerged in water otherwise it will rot. Check your bulbs daily to see if they need more water.

3. When you see roots developing, move the container to a sunny window. Once the plant flowers it will last longer if moved out of direct sunlight to a cool spot with indirect or diffused light.

Additional Information

Dimensions 4 x 5 in