Columns & Arches 5

Columns & Arches 5


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Product Description

This striking Giclee on Paper print adds subtle style to any space.  A beautifully framed piece of art has a huge impact on a room for relatively low cost! Many designers and home owners select art first and plan decor around it or you can add artwork to your space as a finishing touch. This spectacular print really draws your eye and can create a focal point over a piece of furniture or above a mantel.  In a large room or wall combine multiple works of art to in the same style or color range to create a cohesive and stylish space! This striking image is beautifully framed in matte black.

Each unique art piece is printed & manufactured in the USA. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery as each piece is printed to order & requires careful handling.

5 Tips for a Creative Wall Gallery

  1. Mount ledges for a contemporary & timeless look.
  2. Vary frames in shapes, sizes and finishes.
  3. Stagger and layer for depth.
  4. Mix art, photos and illustrations.
  5. Layer framed art with sculptural objects like shells, pinecones, candles and other small objects.

Additional Information

Dimensions 20 in