Tulip Basket

Small French Tulip Baskets-pair of 2


Product Description

Inspired by the historic gardens of France, thesmall tulip basket boasts a curved iron frame that has been bent, twisted and assembled by hand to resemble the iconic flower and then powder coated for aged appeal. This piece is safe for outdoor use but may experience dramatic changes in coloration if exposed to sunlight and various weather conditions. Handcrafted with slight variations for a one of a kind look.

  • Beautiful for indoors or outdoors. Use with a plant or creative moss arrangements. A pair can artfully enhance each end of a table or buffet. Expect color changes with outdoor use. (AG)17.75″ high x 13″ diameter

    Planter: 10″ opening, 12″ depth, 7″ inside clear dimension; Base: 8″ diameter