Rustic Montana Mantel


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Product Description

Add architectural detail to any space with our Rustic Mantel! If there is one thing we would add to any apartment aside from more space it would be a fireplace .We don’t even care if it works, we just love the way a fireplace becomes the focal point of a room. More specifically we love the endless possibilities of a fireplace mantel for displaying mirrors, art work or candle holders. There are so many striking ways to style them using accessories from Indeed Décor. Each of our beautifully crafted mantels is carved with rustic timber and measures an abundant 54” W x 46”H and is easy to assemble with only 3 main pieces. Please expect slight variations in wood grain and patina as each mantel is a one of a kind piece, hand crafted and finished by an acclaimed Montana wood craftsman.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.