Crown Pewter Bottle Stopper

Pewter Crown Bottle Stopper


Product Description

The noble Italian Medici family was known for patronage of the arts and intrigue. Our Medici Living Collection is designed to honor the master metal artists of Renaissance Italy. Elegant and slightly ornate, this collection is perfect for any occasion requiring formal service. Vagabond House Medici pieces are sure to become heirlooms for your family dynasty.
Our Medici Living Collection is a showcase of Vagabond Houses’ highest quality pewter work.
Our pewter will not affect the taste of food or drink. We guarantee that our products are certified 100% food safe. Vagabond House pewter improves with age, does not rust or tarnish and requires little maintenance. We use only pewter that is 95% composed of the precious metal, tin and enhanced with small amounts of antimony and copper. The unique properties of this noble metal allow our designers to craft molds with intricate detail, which are then used to cast our products. Each piece is finished by hand to heirloom quality and endurance. Inspired by the Imperial Crowns of Europe, the details on our pure pewter place bottle stopper are amazing and accurate to the folds of velvet which line the MITRE. A traditional cross icon tops the exquisitely detailed crown.

Finished with a rubber gasket to ensure the best storage for your carefully curated collection of spirits and designed to fit most bottles, the uniqueness of these stoppers allows you to express your style as bar keep and entertainer.

Hand Wash Pewter only.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1.75"W x 4"T in