Transform Your Backyard into the Ultimate Getaway

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As we’re approaching the warm spring and summer months, it becomes impossible not to rejoice at the opportunity to spend more time outside. If the nearest park is not that near at all, and if you have the will but not enough time, this may be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your outdoor living space. It doesn’t matter if you have a few inches of balcony space, a large wooden deck, or an entire green vastness behind your back door, it is possible to spruce that space up and transform it into a wonderful retreat.

Include Water Features

It’s a relentless world out there, and if you really want to de-stress and relax, there’s no better place to do that than your very own backyard. The presence of water has an undeniable calming effect, so including a water feature (lake, pond, fountain…) into your backyard would have many other benefits, besides the obvious aesthetic perks.

Green It Up!

Outdoor Room | Indeed Decor

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What’s a backyard without greenery? Depending on how much landscaping space you have on your disposal, you’ll be able to plant a new lawn, add a few shrubs and bushes in various zones, or simply add container and hanging gardens on your patio/deck. Just make sure you choose the plants that will thrive in your climate and soil.

Create an Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Your patio is a natural extension of your home. That means that its décor shouldn’t be very much different from the interior.

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If the inside of your house is decorated in a modernist style, the furniture and accessories outside should follow it. If your interior is rustic, keep up with it by introducing vintage garden benches or rustic wood pieces.

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Add an entertaining zone

To create an entertaining zone, you will need to think about the main function of that space. Will it be just for sitting and chatting or perhaps for outdoor dining? For the first option, you will need a couple of chairs (wicker and rattan make a good impression) and a coffee table. For the second you will need to get a large dining table and benches or chairs. Unlike the smaller units (chairs) that can be moved around, the table should be protected from the elements, so look for durable designer furniture with the concrete top.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

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If you will dine outside, why wouldn’t you prepare the food outside too? Sure, you can settle for an electric, gas or charcoal grill, but you can also install more conveniences such as countertop for food prep, closed storage, sink, refrigerator and separate side burner. Design-wise, an outdoor kitchen should feature rich natural textures (stone, brick).

Make it Shady and Private

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If you want to shelter your little getaway from curious eyes of the neighbors and cruel summer sun, you should provide it with shade and enclosure. Building a low wall around the patio can bring minimum privacy, but if you truly want to protect your retreat, you can add a trellis with vines on the sides and above. If trellises are not your cup of tea, you can install a pergola for sun protection.

Introduce Outdoor Lighting

You wouldn’t want your wonderful retreat to be available just during the day, right? Make it evening-friendly by introducing great lighting solutions. Solar lamps are eco-friendly, and they can look gorgeous, especially if you choose the ones that are similar to torches. Alternative lighting solutions can be Christmas string lights, candles, lanterns, mason jars with bulbs, etc.

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Add Something Special

Now all you need to do is to add something special that will make your backyard different from all the rest. That can be a pool with surrounding palms and pool lounges, a hot tub, or a gazebo that can at the same time serve as an entertaining area, place for your potting shed sanctuary, an overhead structure for shielding the hot tub and a pool house.

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As you see, your dream backdoor getaway is just eight steps away. So, don’t wait any longer to transform your backyard into a true oasis where you will be able to relax in peace and quiet, but also to enjoy dinner parties with your friends and family.

Blog Post by Chloe Taylor

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