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Grandiose, elaborate, expensive wedding cakes may have met the same fate as the baby blue tux. Forgo an expensive traditional wedding cake for easy, handmade, and affordable desserts.

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Alternatives to wedding cake:

Cupcakes are a fun alternative to wedding cake. And they have a real advantage when it comes to picky eaters: You can mix and match a wide variety of flavors so that there’s something for everyone. Another plus: Cupcake towers become instant décor and focal points of your reception room.

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 Make-your-own-sundae bar. We all scream for ice cream, right? Whether hand-scooped and plopped on top of dressed-up cones, sandwiched between fresh-baked cookies (or brownies or waffles), teamed with soda for refreshing floats, or dished up in pretty bowls with dainty spoons, an ice cream bar is fun and tasty way to close a summer wedding.

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 S’morses Buffet:

If you are lucky enough to have a wedding venue with a fire pit or can swing a portable one; turn up the heat on your wedding dessert table by adding this campfire classic. S’morse Buffet Must Haves:
The two necessary tools to pull off a s’mores station at a wedding are heat and roasting sticks.  Add Unique Ingredients and Savory Flavors for a stunning and playful display. Other flavors that are always a great success, beyond traditional milk chocolate, are peanut butter cups, cookies & cream bars, Ghirardelli chocolate squares with fillings such as caramel, raspberry, and cream. For the graham crackers, give your guests options such as chocolate and cinnamon-sugar flavored. If you really want to create a “wow,” add in bowls of cinnamon and slices of fresh strawberries or bananas.

Smorses Bar

Family Traditions & Recipes: Choose deserts reflect you as couple and celebrate traditions and old family recipes like Gramma Delma’s Rhubarb Pie. If you are a pie lover and let’s face it who’s not, treat your guests to a good old fashioned Pie Bar! Complete with all your favorite pies from the perfect apple pie to a decadent french silk chocolate pie. You could even provide mini cherry pie cups or fruit tarts. The options are endless.

Wedding Pie Bar

Chocolate Wedding Deserts The variety of treats that can be made from this rich indulgence make the possibilities endless and the ability to match the theme of your wedding pretty easy. Looking to enhance your dessert table with something rich and indulgent? We’ve rounded up the most delicious chocolate treats around, from molten cakes to decadent signature drinks.  Chocolate Dessert Ideas & Recipes

Wedding Hot Choclate | Indeed Decor

Dessert Shots:

Mini Desserts that are layered and dipped are also fun and showy. Think along the lines of layered strawberry shortcakes served in dessert shot glasses or chocolate-dipped banana split bites. Putting a little spin on traditional desserts will definitely “wow” your guests!


Seasonal Desert Ideas: 

Summer: Fruit tarts, sponge cakes, and truffles featuring bold fruits like passion fruit, cherries, grapefruit and peaches.

Spring: Spotlight the season’s best fruits with desserts including citrus, melon, apricot, strawberry and pineapple. Another favorite: Creampuffs.

Fall: Pastries featuring rich flavors like pumpkin, apple pie, ginger spice and cranberry.

Winter: Think comfort: winter mint and rich chocolate.

Wedding Desert Recipes

For delicious wedding desert recipes see: Country Living’s 12 Delicious and Easy Wedding Desserts.

Bon Appetite: Wedding Deserts that will Make You Leave the Dance Floor

The Knot: Wedding Deserts

Presentation: Design the desserts in a specific color and design, but also incorporate props, linens and stationery pieces that fit in with the overall feel of the wedding. Create a wedding desert bar that is unpredictable and fun, yet still captures the beauty of the rite of matrimony. Cheers!

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