DIY Outdoor Showers: 10 Backyard Outdoor Shower Ideas!

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Do you dream of showering out under the moonlight, surrounded by nature?

Are you sick of trailing a beach-load of sand into your house after every family trip away?

If so, setting up a DIY outdoor shower enclosure is a fun, affordable, and practical addition to your home that will satisfy all of your wants and needs!

Designing and building your own outdoor shower kit might seem like a task far beyond your abilities. 

But, I disagree– with this simple guide and 10 excellent, rustic outdoor shower ideas, you’ll be lathering up in the beauty of your dream design in no time at all!

The Value Of Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower can add great utility and practicality to your home. 

Just imagine: Showering as you’re surrounded by nature– perhaps beneath the shade of far-reaching trees– with the sounds of birdsong and falling water as a personal soundtrack to help you relax.

Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

Not only is it pleasurable, but ever-so-useful too! 

Forget about having sand dragged through the house after a family swim at the beach; now, everyone can rinse off before they even get through the door!

Additionally, if you have a swimming pool, an outdoor shower is a must-have so you can clean yourself of dirt before swimming– as well as rid yourself of nasty chlorine afterwards.

How To DIY An Outdoor Shower 

Brainstorm A Design 

Brainstorm what you want and need from your outdoor shower. 

Do you want a small and practical easy build? Or, perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more lavish?

There are endless options of style and design for you to consider when it comes to your ideal DIY shower. 

Think about how the outdoor shower is going to fit in with the design of the rest of your home and garden. 

Perhaps you want a cohesive look, or maybe something to stand out! The decision is all yours.

Choose A Location

Do you want ease of access, having your outdoor shower located right outside your back door? 

Or, do you want it tucked into the bushes for that fun forest feel?

If you have a swimming pool, it may be a great and convenient idea to place your outdoor shower close by. 

If you have a beach house, you might want to place your shower on the main route from the beach to your door!

Also, make sure to consider the element of privacy that is desirable for most outdoor showers. 

You may want to tuck it away behind a wall so that it’s hidden from the sight of the main social areas of your home and garden.

Build Your Base

To build your DIY shower base, you’ll need:

  • An 8-foot 4”x4”
  • Two 8-foot 1”x4”s
  • A saw
  • 4-1/2″ screws
  • 3-1/3″ screws
  • A drill
  • Wood sealant

Cut the 4”x4” into four even pieces of 23” length. Construct these into a square base using the  4-1/2″ screws. Then, cut the two 8-foot 1”x4”s into seven even pieces of 26-1/2″ length.

Attach these to the square base leaving a 1/4″ gap between each of the slats. This will allow for water to drain through with ease.

To protect your base from water damage, you may wish to apply wood sealant at this stage. Brush this onto the wood and allow it to dry.

Install The Shower

Dig a hole that is 12” deep, and wide enough to fit the 4”x4” post and some securing material.

Take the other 8-foot 4”x4” and insert it into the hole, then add either concrete or soil to secure the post in place.

Apply a layer of gravel (or similar material of your choosing) at the foot of the post where you’ll be placing your shower base. This will support the base and allow for drainage.

Install Plumbing

From a plumbing store, you’ll need:

  • A shower head
  • 2x 90-degree elbows
  • A 48” pipe length
  • A 24” inch pipe length
  • A 6” pipe length
  • Pipe straps
  • Nylon plumbing tape

At a point 6” up from the ground, use a 5/8″ spade bit to drill a hole right through the 4”x4” post. 

Then, connect your shower parts. Start with the head of the shower, the shower arm, the 90-degree connecting elbow, 48” pipe length, the faucet, 24” inch pipe length, the 90-degree elbow, and 6” pipe length. 

At each joint, use nylon plumbing tape to secure the connection.

Insert the 6” pipe length into the previously drilled hole in the post so that it sits flush, and secure the newly connected shower apparatus to the post with pipe straps using 2-1/2″ screws.

Add The Water

Now, connect a hose to the coupler at the end of the 6” length. Turn on the tap, and test out your new shower!

DIY Outdoor Showers: 10 Ideas + Inspiration For Your Dream Shower

Do-it-Yourself Ideas

Use Contrasting Materials

For a funky DIY design, consider using contrasting materials such as timber and corrugated iron to construct the walls of your shower.

This can make for a more aesthetic design than a mono-material composition. 

Select a dark timber for a modern, chic look, or match the timber to the preexisting color of your home for a thread of cohesion!

Freestanding Outdoor Shower

Rather than placing your shower up against your house, you might consider placing it in a stand-alone position within your garden. This creates a separate space that you can escape to and enjoy some seclusion and serenity.

Stand-alone outdoor showers can be a beautiful focal point of your garden if designed correctly. 

Consider building it out of dark stone or marble, and nestle it within trees and shrubbery; you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a tropical island, creating an escape just a few feet away from your home!

Bamboo Outdoor Shower

If you’re going for a jungle waterfall feel, bamboo is the perfect material to use.

Bamboo is also a more affordable option, as it grows wildly in abundance! Look around your local area for a patch of bamboo to forage your shower materials. 

Plus, bamboo is an incredibly resilient material– so if your town is known for its wild, unpredictable weather, you’ll be in safe hands!

Solar Powered Outdoor Shower

For natural heating, try solar power. It’s enviro-friendly, cost-effective, and will save you from cold showers.

You might want to seek advice from a plumber or electrician on how to install solar power in your outdoor shower system. 

For this option, it may be best to go with an outdoor shower design that includes a roof, simply for the ease of solar installation.

Copper Outdoor Shower

A copper shower rig is a beautiful, rustic feature. 

Using copper for your DIY outdoor shower can add a vintage feel to your home, and can be paired with other materials to make for an incredibly luxurious design.

Try copper and hardwood for your shower walls to accentuate the copper shower rig. 

You can also select another dark material to highlight the beautiful copper color and create a modern, aesthetic look for your shower.

Outdoor Surfboard Shower

A beachy, free-spirited design, using surfboards for your shower will complete your beach house feel! 

Perfect for if you live by the beach, you can use your old or faux surfboards to wall your outdoor shower with. 

Using surfboards is a fun way to bring a little privacy to your outdoor shower as well, which kids are also sure to love.

This design will be a novelty feature within your home that guests will relish the chance to use. 

Shower Curtain Enclosures

For ease and simplicity, simply install a shower curtain rail and attach a water-resistant curtain. This will provide quick privacy without taking up excess space or requiring too much effort. 

Choose a fun patterned material to spice things up!

For a more whimsical effect, pair your outdoor shower curtains with solar-powered fairy lights along the top; this adds a delicate, magical feel to your outdoor shower and surrounding gardens for any late-night dips in the pool or beach trips.

White Shutter Outdoor Shower Enclosure

For a sophisticated and clean design, a white shutter enclosure may be just perfect for you. Build a simple frame for your shower enclosure and attach white shutters for this tasteful look.

This is perfect if your home is already made of white wood and shutters – however, it can be a stunning accent to a darker home too.

Corrugated Metal Outdoor Shower

For a rustic or shabby chic look, corrugated metal is an excellent material choice. This will top off your beach bach and add charming novelty. 

It is also a really affordable option, and easy to work with! 

Corrugated metal is a sturdy material too, so you won’t need to worry about having to replace it should you be hit with a spell of bad weather.

Faux Tile Floor

A faux tile floor is a glamorous and sophisticated option for your outdoor shower flooring. Go for a classic black and white checkered look, or something a little jazzier such as colored tiles! 

It is also simple to clean and maintain. Pair a single-color faux tile with a marble or stone design for added luxury.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, an outdoor shower can add a whole lot of value to your home!

And no matter your style– whether it be vintage, classy, or surfer chic– there’s a design out there to suit you. 

Don’t hesitate on getting started with this super fun DIY project that the whole family can join in on!

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