Rustic Thanksgiving Party Guide

Rustic Thanksgiving Party Guide

The best Thanksgiving we ever hosted was with a plethora of family and friends in my Uncle Ben’s Barn. My husband and I wanted to create new traditions around our Thanksgiving table: a simple, rustic version of a quintessentially American holiday.


The decor was pared down, using colors from nature. We combined warm, colorful natural elements like gourds and fall leaves with rustic fabrics and eclectic details to set the mood for a unique festive outdoor Thanksgiving. The dilapidated barn provided the perfect backdrop to this scene and gave it its bucolic feel. Everyone brought something unique to the table: Aunt Bess’s mismatched silver, vintage china, and French candle holders added warmth and personality.


 We collaborated to create the space and food together. Our celebration didn’t consist only of turkey, stuffing, and traditional side dishes. We had our guests bring their favorite family dishes: see  Unique Thanksgiving Recipes   Instead of setting up buffet tables we put the spread on the tailgate of an old farm truck. Harvest Serving Pieces, including a Pewter Acorn Gravy Boat and Pewter Pumpkin Pitcher fit in and created a mixture of rustic and refined style.

Tips to Help you Create a Rustic Thanksgiving Celebration

Centerpieces: Think outside the box, incorporate seasonal bounty and found objects from nature: feathers, shed antlers, branches, berries, grapes, figs, corn husks, and apples in old urns, galvanized tubs, and Mason jars.


Bring nature to the table, with an autumn color palette in browns, golds, burnt oranges, and golds.


Brown linens up against the green of the evergreen hanging above and the crops in the background turned out beautifully. We strung a garland of leaves accented with pine cones, gourds, and feathers down the center of the table for a runner. They added the perfect pop of seasonal color and interesting natural texture to the table. We wrapped each guest’s napkin several times with twine, as well as each wine bottle on the table. Each guest’s chair was tied with a burlap sash.

Hanging Candle Chandeliers with burnt orange candles create beautiful mood lighting.


The lighting glowed from mason jars hung from tree branches hung above the table with burnt orange candles lit for elegance (and they smelled delicious!)


At the foundation of this rustic look is a simple wooden table, surrounded by Twig Arm Chairs.  We also love the idea of creating extra seating with hay bales or log “stools”.  Don’t have a rustic table, create one with weathered palette pieces atop saw horses.

Eclectic place settings fashioned from Antlers, dinnerware inspired by fall leaf colors like Gold Baroque dinnerware topped by Rustic Burlap Napkins and pine cones, autumn leaves, and gourds set an eye-catching, casual mood.


Harvest Serving Pieces, including a Pewter Acorn Gravy Boat, Pewter Pumpkin Pitcher

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving indoors or out, you will find just the right Fall or Thanksgiving table accent in our curated collection of Thanksgiving Table Decor. Striking, unique, and rustic describe fall tablescape decorations in our Special Occasion Outdoor Thanksgiving Celebration. Contrasting textures and colors will elevate your harvest celebration from ordinary to extraordinary! Shop for a mix of rustic and refined Entertaining Essentials, including tablewaretextilesglassware, serve ware, and flatware to create a casual style all your own.

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