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The secret to Happy Holidays is a well stocked bar!  The most important thing about parties & entertaining is the guest list! Next, any occasion should be beautiful, unique, and fun. Get ready for the holidays by setting up and stocking your home bar.

Why go somewhere else for a bit of intoxicating fun when you can have it all at your own home? Home bars are not just for basements anymore. Not everyone has the luxury of a built-in home bar. In fact, most people probably don’t need one, but on those occasions when you’re entertaining with adult beverages {or other types} you need a place to corral and display bottles, glasses, and mixers. Start with our collection of stylish Bar Carts, Buffets and Islands for any style of decor.

Our urban industrial carts: Mercato Cart, City Cart, Uptown Bar Cart, Factory Cart, or Millhouse Bar Cart. are carefully crafted from vintage industrial steel, reclaimed wood and marble.We love a retro style bar cart. It’s so “Mad Men” and certainly romanticizes the home bar experience. It can be rolled around wherever needed and looks particularly well when filled with retro style glassware and bar accessories. These bar carts are all portable, affordable and perfectly sized for an urban apartment, loft. or home short on space.  Add open shelving above and give the space personality by adding some interesting display pieces on the shelves. We also love the idea of showcasing your home bar with a black board or splashy wall decor.

Urban Home Bar

If you are looking for a home bar to compliment your farmhouse we love our Vintage Wood Ice Box Island, Panhandle Rustic Teakwood Buffet or Urban Farmhouse Dental Cabinet.  Choose our Rustic Tin & Iron Console, Reclaimed Barn Wood Buffet or Wood & Tin Sideboard to “wow” your guests in a lodge style, ranch home or cabin retreat.

Rustic Home Bar

With all the compartments in an armoire it makes it the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a bar. Your guests would never guess what’s behind those closed doors!  Some of our favorites include: Rustic Carved Wood Armoire,  Butcher Wardrobe, Old Wood Pantry Cabinet and the glamorous Reginelli Cabinet. So the idea here would be to find a great armoire and convert it to a bar. We could have a slide out top installed to give more surface space for creating drinks. Add antique mirror to the inside back, glass racks and shelving. Home Bar in an Armoire | Indeed Decor

Mixology doesn’t require fancy equipment or endless variations of drinking glasses. Stock these essential items and you’ll be ready to mix even the most elaborate cocktails.

Always use a jigger to measure your liquor. Sometimes the difference between a quarter-ounce and a half-ounce is the difference between nirvana and NyQuil.
Cocktail Shaker
Professionals prefer the two-piece Boston shaker to the three-piece kind with the spout in the top. Drinks strain fast, making for less dilution and better sipping.
To get the drinks out of your Boston shaker, you’ll need a good strainer.

For everyday use in your home bar, you only need six or eight of each of these three basic types: a short glass, a tall glass, and a stem.
If you plan to serve wine at your parties, invest in eight to 12 basic stemmed wineglasses, either a single shape that is appropriate for both red and white or separate sets of glasses for each. Indeed Decor carries a full line of Wine Accessories including unique stemwarebottles stoppers, ice buckets, wine racks and wine coasters to bring good cheer to any style of decor.

Wine Accessories | Indeed Decor

The Stem

For drinks that have bubbles or a lot of juice in them.
You’ll need a 10- to 12-ounce glass, one that’s narrow enough to preserve the carbonation in a mojito or a highball, but wide enough for a stack of ice cubes.

White Wine Glasses

For cocktails and other cold drinks served without ice (the stem keeps your warm hand away from the cold drink).
A standard martini glass is good, but a rounded five- to six-ounce Champagne coupe is better — it spills less, it suits other mixed drinks, and it has a nice, retro style to it.

Red Wine Glasses

A tulip-shaped stemmed glass is the classic vessel for red wine. If we had to pick just one as our favorite all-purpose glass, this would be it. The best versions feel steady in the hand when they’re full of liquid and also when they’re empty.

Champagne Flutes

Because dessert wines and fortified wines, such as sherry, port, and Madeira, tend to be richer and more alcoholic, they are best sipped from a slightly smaller glass, proportioned to a smaller pour. The inward taper focuses the intense aromas.

Now you are ready for stocking the bar and mixing up some fun!

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Happy Holidays!

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