White Kitchen with Wood Island is the Most Chic Kitchen Design that You Can Try 

 The colour white is described as a “pure neutral” by artists, a colour that is untainted by the undertones but can be influenced by other colours. This is one of the primary reasons white is well-loved in the decor community. The minimalism and elegance of white create the timelessness that has resulted in its never-ending popularity.    

The popularity of the White Kitchen also springs from this very fact. Never in history has the White Kitchen gone out of style. But to achieve this timeless effect, one has to understand the right balance of tones and textures. An all-white kitchen can quickly cross the threshold to artificial and sterile if one is not careful.    

One of the essential things you have to keep in mind while designing a kitchen is its purpose. It is not just a space to cook. It is a space for people to hang out and feel comfortable in. The kitchen needs to be light, airy and warm. One of the easiest ways to keep this balance is incorporating a wood island. White and wood are essentially a match made in heaven. This is a tremendously versatile combination that can suit various styles, from luxe glam to rustic farmhouse to minimalist chic. 

7 Ways to Incorporate a Wood Island in Your White Kitchen  

With multiple styles and shades of wood, one can be easily overwhelmed by the choices available. One of the easier ways to go about it, especially while going through remodelling, is to consider how the rest of the home goes with the kitchen’s aesthetic.  

If the rest of your home is warm-toned, incorporate warm-toned or light-stained wood. If it has more grey and blue tones, opt for cooler-toned or dark stained wood.    

Here are some other ways to incorporate a wood island in your kitchen 

Use reclaimed wood  

The trend of using reclaimed wood in home renovations has skyrocketed recently. Not only is this sustainable and good for the environment, but reclaimed wood also adds a lot of personality to your kitchen. Islands with built-in shelves look incredibly charming on reclaimed wood.  

While restoring such pieces of wood, make sure you leave the imperfections and only repair that which is necessary. The imperfections are what add character to your wood island. You can repurpose items that have sentimental value to you to fit your current needs. For instance, you can use the door from your first house as the countertop on your island. 

Make it look modern  

Sleek and modern are words that are synonymous with white and wood.  

To opt for a modern style, choose linear designs with minimal handles, silver or black hardware, stainless steel appliances, sleek pendant lights, darker stained wood, or paint the wood island black.  

You can also add marble to the island countertop and the backsplash. Try to choose a more industrial and modern looking decor. 

Mix it with rustic materials  

Adding different textures to a space can elevate its look.  

One easy way of doing that is by incorporating organic elements like natural fibres, stone and wood. This can be done by creating open wooden shelves where you can display rustic cutlery, building a stone wall, adding exposed ceiling beams or barn doors, mixing and matching the tones of the furniture or adding cane chairs or antique lights.   

Place freestanding furniture  

For someone who likes to change things around often, freestanding furniture may be the right fit.  

While built-in furniture has a lot of perks, one of its biggest disadvantages is the lack of flexibility it gives you. Freestanding furniture gives you the freedom to change your kitchen layout every once in a while. So instead of a wooden island, you can opt for a wooden table which is also easier to redecorate. 

Install same countertops  

If you are not too keen on making your wood island the centre of attention, you can match the island countertop with the kitchen countertop. You can add the material of your liking and stain the wood accordingly.  

Add antique decor  

Antique decor can add a lot of character to any space.  

One fun idea is to use vintage furniture other than for the purpose it was intended for. Like an old wardrobe can store plates, a vintage bar stand as cutlery display. You can also add furniture that you have sentimental value for a more personalised kitchen.  

Use brass hardware 

Brass hardware is the go-to choice for white and wood kitchens. They don’t require much maintenance. They get better with time; they aren’t overwhelmed by white and have quickly become a modern classic.  

Remember not to mix brass with other metals. If you are going for brass, everything from your lighting fixture to cabinet handles to faucet to pot filler should be brass.  

Alternative Kitchen Island Ideas for 2022 

A White Kitchen with a wood island might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For those who want to explore different ideas, here are some alternative ones for you.  

Distressed wood island  

Distressed wood islands have been in popularity for a few years now after eco-consciousness rose within the population. This means people are repurposing pieces of wood from old buildings and furniture into their homes.   

Dark wood  

Dark wood can be easily incorporated into your kitchen by either adding matching cabinets and countertops and going for a monochromatic look or by contrasting the wood against lighter shades. Either way, contrasting with dark wood is always in trend.  

Dark wood with stainless steel appliances and a white countertop and backsplash is also a classic look.   

Lime green   

A lime green kitchen is not for the faint-hearted. The most foolproof way of incorporating lime green into your kitchen is by pairing it with white and light wood.  

Lime green cabinets, white counter and island, warm lighting, light wood furniture and lime upholstery is classy yet unique. Try not to pair lime green with black. The contrast might feel too jarring and can cross the territory too tacky.  

For those who love the color but aren’t confident enough to commit to lime green cabinets, a good alternative would be to bring in lime as pops of colour in cutlery, curtains, table covers, glass vases and so on.    

Muted blue 

With the resurgence of pastels, the muted blue kitchens have started making rounds in Instagram feeds. Not only is it aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, but it is also easy to recreate.  

The muted blue, which ranges from light baby blues to richer greyish blue, can be paired with white countertops, backsplashes, distressed wooden furniture, and brass hardware. You can even go two-tone with the cabinets, lighter shades for the upper cabinets and darker shades for the lower ones.  


Vintage decor is back on the rise, and homeowners have the option to go full-on vintage or adopt a few elements of it.  

The former is more challenging since you have to decide on the era you want to focus on; otherwise, it can look extremely jarring, and you might have a hard time sourcing pieces from that era.  

The latter, however, is easier to go about. You can incorporate elements from checkered floors to floral wallpapers to stained windows.  

There are many options out there for the vintage lover, and the pastel trend has only started. 

Chunky wooden 

Chunky wooden kitchens are modern yet sophisticated at the same time. It is the trend of using the same wood panelling everywhere, from cabinets to islands and using chunky wooden furniture.  

By pairing it with a light floor and countertop, you can also achieve this sleek and modern look. 

Olive green 

 Olive green kitchens have taken the world by storm after Dakota Johnson’s House tour went viral on the internet.  

It can be paired with rich wood. Other shades of green and yellow can also be included to elevate the olive green kitchen. 

Ocean blue  

Ocean blue kitchens are regal and peaceful at the same time. They are easy to create, especially with the pastel trend coming back to style.  

Ocean blue goes well, particularly with lighter, warmer wood and white. So you can use ocean blue for your cabinets and drawers while using white countertops and islands. You can also do open shelving with pastel pink cutlery on display as it beautifully pairs with blue. 

While there are countless kitchen decor ideas, the white kitchen with the wood island will definitely be a popular option as it is easy for most to recreate, is budget-friendly, and forever will be timeless.