Trending – DIY Adhesive Wood Planks

Adhesive Wood Planks

Designers, homeowners, and DIYers are re-discovering the warmth and rustic beauty of wood. From inventive new uses to reinterpretations of existing styles, there is a multitude of ways to incorporate

Adhesive Wood Planks in your home decor. Designers are drawn to wood for use in interior design finishes because of its natural beauty and design versatility.

Adding a wood wall or ceiling used to be cost-prohibitive because you had to factor in the cost of a carpenter or contractor to install it. Now, you can easily give your room a trendy industrial weathered wood wall, ceiling, or furniture top with our Adhesive Wood Planks.

The addition of a warm, familiar material to a room enhances an otherwise bland modern space.  Interior finishes with wood add the perfect touch of rusticity to a contemporary home. What is hot this year?

Rustic Wood Planks covering an entire wall or wainscoting can create the casual ambiance of a coastal beach house or a rustic cabin.

Designers also like to add a wood finish to a wall to add visual depth to a room.  The contrast of rough wood finishes to smooth materials such as glass and metal creates a striking and modern looks-wood is no longer relegated to a “cabin” style.

Trending: Wood Finished Ceilings

Home decorators often ignore their ceilings.  Wood on the ceiling can add architectural interest to the room, and attract the eye upward to explore the space.  Use our decorative wood adhesive planks to raise the style of your room to a new level.  Visitors will be sure to stop and pause when they notice the attractive style of the “fifth wall”.

Green Trend: Reclaimed Wood

Upcycling wood found in barns and old factory or warehouse buildings gives homeowners the chance to bring new life to beautifully aged wood.  Weathered wood has a unique rustic quality that can add character to a space.  We love the idea of creating a Head Board or covering a tabletop with Adhesive Wood Planks to give your room a rustic focal point at very little cost or effort.

Reclaimed Wood Planks Headboard

Adhesive Wood Planks are one of the most fabulous products we’ve used to create an industrial loft condo, farmhouse, cabin, or lodge-style feel. Not only will adhesive wood planks add a nice touch to any room, but it’s also extremely easy to install. Simply plan the space you’d like to use our adhesive wood wall planks in, peel, and “stik.”


Made right here in the USA, these are planks of actual solid wood, and they are offered in a handful of patterns ranging from Chevron to standard horizontal and vertical patterns. You can even create your very own if you so choose.  While it’s perfect for accent walls, furniture, and kitchen islands, we’ve seen some great ceiling implementations as well. See how to transform a room in one day here.

Adhesive Wood Wall

Transform a ho-hum wall, ceiling, mantel, or kitchen island with our variety of adhesive wall panel colors: Weathered Wood, White Weathered Wood, Gray Weathered Wood, Reclaimed Oak Barrel, or Honey Ash.

A reclaimed wood wall or ceiling is a perfect backdrop for Indeed Decor’s Urban Industrial Loft Collection of furniture, lighting, accessories, wall decor, textiles, and tableware.

For decorating ideas using adhesive wood planks and application “how to’s” see this Pinterest Board.