32 Different Types of Chairs: A Comprehensive Guide

Different types of Chair

A chair can easily become a statement piece for an otherwise flat or simple space. In different situations, we often want to forgo comfort in place of style, or style in place of practicality!

Selecting the right chairs to suit or stand out from the rest of your home décor is no easy feat. You want your space to represent your unique style, but with so many varied options it can certainly become overwhelming.

What should you take into account when choosing chairs for different rooms in your house? 

Is it all about style, or are there other factors that you need to consider?

In this guide, you’ll find a  room-by-room account of the many types of chairs available for living rooms, dining rooms, office spaces, and children’s rooms. 

You’ve come to the best place to learn more about the different types of chairs you can choose for your space, so keep reading to find out!

List of Chair Styles:

Here are 32 types of chairs that can make your interior decoration look trendy:

  1. Armchair
  2. Recliner
  3. Contemporary Round Chair
  4. Bergère Chair
  5. Club Chairs
  6. Chesterfield Chair
  7. Wingback Chair
  8. Lawson Chair
  9. Loveseat
  10. Barrel Chair
  11. Slipper Chair
  12. English-Rolled Arm Chair
  13. Ottoman Chair
  14. Bar Stool
  15. Ghost Chair
  16. Wishbone Chair
  17. Side Chair
  18. Reading Chair
  19. Desk Chair
  20. Hammock
  21. Folding Chair
  22. Wicker Chairs
  23. Chaise Lounge Chairs
  24. Camping Chairs
  25. Rocking Chair
  26. Glider Chair
  27. Leather Chair
  28. Cotton Chair
  29. Polyester Chair
  30. Wood Chairs
  31. Plastic Chairs
  32. Metal Chairs

Types of Chairs for the Living Room

We’ve historically dubbed all living room chairs as armchairs, but this is actually just an umbrella term. In fact, there are many types of chairs that will look great in your living space.

The size and décor of your room— as well as your personal preferences and comfort— should be a guide to help you choose the ideal chair for you.

1. Armchair


Timelessly stylish and sophisticated, armchairs are hugely popular in living rooms. Offering plenty of comfort and cushioning, armchairs are one of the larger styles of living room chairs.

They’re known for their fixed armrests and are made to seat one person; armchairs are perfect for the avid reader or knitter who enjoys cozy solitude!

There are many subcategories of armchairs, as this is a fairly generic term, so your perfect seat is certainly out there waiting for you.

2. Recliner

Recliner Chair

A recliner is well known for its comfort. A recliner’s key feature is that you can either use it as an armchair or recline the seat back.

They’ll usually have a footrest you can extend once the back of the chair is reclined, and are an excellent choice for those who want to spend their time relaxing as most have great lumbar support.

What recliners lack in style, they make up for in sweet, soft luxury.

3. Contemporary Round Chair

These chairs have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, and you may have spotted them across Pinterest and décor-inspiration social media pages— for good reason, too! 

Round chairs are oversized with an average width of around 58 inches and cushions that are 30 inches deep

They’re often upholstered in leather or suede, but can also be made from softer materials. There are some slight variations in style for the contemporary round chair, so you have plenty of options for where you might place it outside of the living room. 

They’re another great choice if you like to relax or read, and they’re offered in mostly neutral, creamy shades.

4. Bergère Chair

Bergère Chair

Classic, classy, and the epitome of grandeur, the Bergère chair has royal French origins.

This chair has a deep seat with or without a detachable cushion, and incorporates wooden arms and legs. It comes in a range of materials and colors— each set of chairs often with its own unique accents. 

If you’re looking for a chair that lifts the sophistication of your space, the Bergère does just that!

5. Club Chairs

Club chairs are comfortable, big, round chairs with round arms. Due to their size, they are best suited to bigger rooms.

Originating in sports bars and social clubs, these chairs are often seen in home game rooms or living rooms with a sporting or entertainment theme. This chair is often finished in leather.

You’ll find more modern designs nowadays, occasionally upholstered in velvet or suede for a trendy look.

6. Chesterfield Chair

Chesterfield Chair

This is a well-known style that has tufted upholstery (often in leather) and rolled arms. It is an elegant chair that offers excellent comfort

Chesterfield chairs are often associated with an academia-style office and living room setting, which is well-suited for those whose décor style is refined, dark, and sophisticated.

7. Wingback Chair

Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs have a tall back with wings on either side. This chair can look classical or modern depending on the color and material, but they’re unmistakably vintage in style

The shape of this chair is more private, so it’s an ideal reading chair. It is less suited to social settings, making for a great statement piece in a home that’s more unconventional.

8. Lawson Chair

This is a sleek-looking chair that has round or square arms that make good support for people who are reading. 

As quite a structured chair, it is an ideal choice for study areas. It looks both traditional and contemporary at the same time so it will suit many styles of décor— making it a versatile choice.

9. Loveseat

Loveseat Chair

Loveseats are versatile; whether you want to accent a cozy nook in your home, or make it a statement piece of elegance, there is a loveseat for you. 

They get their name from the fact they’re made for two people to sit closely together, but you can also lounge by yourself depending on the loveseat you choose. 

These chairs are perfect for intimate settings with a partner, or if you just want to add a little bit of flair to your living space.

10. Barrel Chair

A barrel chair curves around with the back and arms in one piece. This is a great chair for people who want to curl up, as it supports you however you sit.

Many barrel chairs also have swivel options, so they can be fitting for a study or office setting.

11. Slipper Chair

The most distinctive feature of the slipper chair is that it does not have arms! It is also set low to the ground and has a high back, making it a perfect choice for those with small living areas. 

As a Victorian-era chair, it was the seat of choice for ladies who needed to sit low to the ground to remove their shoes and put on slippers. In modern times, it may also be an excellent choice if you struggle with mobility.

With plenty of soft cushioning and many options for style and fabric, this chair is an all-around excellent option.

12. English-Rolled Arm Chair

The rolled arms and deep cushion of this chair make it a comfortable and understated choice for your living space. 

The angled back aids relaxation, which is perfect for those who like a traditional look without sacrificing support or comfort. 

You’ll find these English-rolled armchairs in a range of colors and comfortable fabrics, suitable for any home!

13. Ottoman Chair

Ottoman Chair

A classic, popular chair, this style has its origins in the eighteenth-century Ottoman Empire.

It’s a covered stool with a top that can be lifted to reveal a storage area for bedding or other home items.

The Ottoman is a fantastic idea for people who have guests coming to stay and so need extra seating and storage space.

Types of Chairs for the Dining Room

Do you like to have long conversations over family meals or dinner parties? Is your dining room open plan, with the kitchen area nearby? Do you have cocktail parties every second weekend?

It’s important to choose your dining room chairs according to the primary function of your dining room!

1. Bar Stool

Bar Stool Chair

Bar stools are usually seen grouped around high benches or tables or dining room islands. They either have no or just a little bit of back support. 

Bar stools come in many variations. You can raise the height on some of them or rotate them, while others are fixed.

They’re great options for those wanting a more social atmosphere for their dining room, and who are willing to forgo the comfort of the other options in this guide to do so!

2. Ghost Chair

Ghost Chair

Ghost chairs get their name from the fact that they are made from clear plastic that allows the light to shine through them— allowing you to see the light rather than the chair. 

They suit rooms that are light and airy, and are also great when you want to give the impression of spaciousness. They come in a range of colors, making them a contemporary and funky option for those wanting a striking piece of décor.

3. Wishbone Chair

Wishbone Chair

Wishbone chairs have a wooden seat and back support with some cushioning, and are usually made from wood. The curved back of the chair splits like a wishbone, which is where this chair gets its name! 

The curved back adds support without increasing size, making it a good option for smaller dining rooms.

Those with a more modern dining room may find the look and style of wishbone chairs quite ideal!

4. Side Chair

Side Chair

A side chair has a visible frame around either an open or a solid back that may be upholstered. Sometimes, this type of chair has arms, and is a slim chair that is usually quite comfortable.

Side chairs can be easily fitted around a table, and are ideal for when you need to accommodate a larger number of chairs in a dining room space. They work well in small offices too when you need a chair for a guest!

Types of Chairs for the Office

You may need a comfortable chair for your home office, but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your options!

1. Reading Chair

Living room chairs such as armchairs and recliners make excellent reading chairs

Often designed for maximum comfort, you’ll be losing yourself in a book in no time at all!

2. Desk Chair

Desk Chair

The executive office chair is a comfortable option, while the ergonomic chair is the best choice for people who are in the office a lot.

Drafting chairs are another good choice in that they allow for movement. A banking chair is an old-school type of wooden chair with wooden armrests which looks absolutely wonderful in traditional offices.

If you don’t have much space, then it might be best to opt for an office stool that has no back or arms and which can be moved under the desk when not in use!

Types of Chairs for the Outdoors

Outdoor areas have a more relaxed feel, so you have a range of options for practicality and style here:

1. Hammock

Hammock chairs move like traditional hammocks but are more accessible. These days, they typically come with cushions and are also weather-proof.

These chairs combine style and comfort, making them a perfect option for those wanting to spend time outdoors reading or relaxing while looking good doing it!

2. Folding Chair

Folding Chair

Folding chairs are a good idea for people who have a large number of people visiting, and who don’t want to go to too much expense.

Folding chairs can be made of plastic or metal, often upholstered with fabric, and can be folded up at the end of an event to save space!

These are classic, popular choices that many families use. 

3. Wicker Chairs

Wicker Chair

Wicker is an attractive material that is typically very long-lasting. The chair usually comes in neutral colors, with weather-proof cushions to match.

They’re perfect in rustic or beachy settings and temperatures, meaning they’ll fit well with a more boho style of décor. 

4. Chaise Lounge Chairs

A chaise lounge is a long, sofa-like chair with a reclined back. It is the ultimate relaxation choice for outdoor spaces.

These chairs are made from a range of materials in different colors, fabrics, and styles, making them another excellent, versatile option.

5. Camping Chairs

Camping Chair

This is another fold-up option that travels well in cars. Camping chairs are usually made from polyester. 

They’re more comfortable than folding chairs, and often have a more stylish design.

Types of Chairs for the Children/Children’s Room

There is a whole range of chairs available for nurseries and children’s rooms, which set them apart from their adult equivalent!

1. Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs have a rounded base so that you can rock back and forth in the chair. They can be upholstered or wooden.

This chair requires enough space for the user to rock. It is a comforting chair best suited to a corner, and is a favorite with new mothers.

2. Glider Chair

The glider chair is based on a similar principle to a rocking chair, but moves more gently back and forth rather than up and down

It is another popular choice for new mothers and comes in a range of styles to suit your nursery.

Types of Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs tend to have leather, cotton, or polyester upholstery. They can also be constructed from a combination of these materials.

1. Leather


Leather is a luxurious material that is easy to wipe down, doesn’t stain, and is lovely to sink into! However, it will cost you more, and can feel hot and sticky in higher temperatures.

It’s a great option for those looking for a statement piece of furniture, as this material stands out.

2. Cotton

Cotton feels fresh, and is lovely to sit on. 

You’ll have an extremely wide range of choices of styles and colors, although you need to make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. It is also hardy but soft at the same time!

3. Polyester

Polyester is another durable material that is weather-proof and looks good on both indoor and outdoor seating options. You’ll also have plenty of options for styles and colors.

4. Wood Chairs

As a traditional material, wood is a firm favorite that is strong and looks stylish. You do need to maintain them, though, and wood can fade. 

Wooden chairs are versatile and offer many options to suit your home décor.

5. Plastic Chairs

Plastic Chair

Plastic is a very common material for outdoor and indoor chairs, as it’s cheap and easy to look after.

It’s not as comfortable as other materials, however, and may not be as strong. Some contemporary plastic chairs, such as ghost chairs, do come at a higher price as well.

6. Metal Chairs

For an edgier, more modern look, you may want to consider metal chairs

These chairs are strong, so you won’t have to worry about them wearing or needing replacement often! 

They’re most common in dining areas or around kitchen islands.

Types of Chair Features

In addition to choosing a particular style of chair, your decision may be based on the function of the chair as well. 

Chairs with additional features such as storage, the ability to swivel, or extend out into a bed obviously have an advantage.

1. Storage

The first chair that comes to mind here is the Ottoman, which has so many functions. 

It acts not only as a place to sit, but also as a footrest, storage— and sometimes, a coffee table too! 

2. Convertible Chair

Convertible chairs are comfortable upright chairs that can extend out to make a bed for a guest

Not only do they look great, but they also serve a purpose and don’t take up too much room during the day.

3. Swivel Chair

Swivel chairs are no longer a novelty item, and even some of the more traditional styles can now swivel! 

They’re great in an office or study space for ultimate versatility.

Wrapping Up

When choosing chairs for your home or office space, think room-by-room. 

Take into account comfort, style, function, the size of the room, as well as anything else you have in the room.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece of furniture, something that offers comfort and luxury, or just the bare necessities, there is certainly a chair out there that’s perfect for you!