Candlelight Romance

Candlelight Romance

Want an easy way to add welcome and warmth to your space or a romantic ambiance to any occasion?

It’s as simple as lighting a match. For centuries candlelight was the only way to add light to the world. Along came electricity and although it was practical some romantic warm illumination was lost. Candles add magic to home decor and special occasions. Yes, they create light, but, they also create a warm ambiance in any room in any space, indoors or out.

Cluster them, use a variety of heights, and showcase candles in stylish candle holders.


Dining Tables lit with Candlelight

The simple elegance of dimly lit candles brings people together. Candlelight creates an intimate dining experience whether for a crowd or just for two.


Outdoor Candlelight

Light the Night: Enhance your patio with the subtle shimmer of candlelight. Place pillar candles on tables, in containers, and in luminaria around your outdoor room. For a romantic glow overhead, group various sizes of pillar candles on a metal disk suspended by chains. Pair candlelight with fairy lights for inexpensive, over-the-top lighting looks anyone can do.

Look what adding a couple of lanterns and candles in cans does for a dinner under the stars. Sometimes less is more! Turn an ordinary camping trip into glamping without flipping a switch.


These creative hoe owners prove that a candle chandelier can be constructed with the simplest of objects.  If you are done with your bee catchers for the season, put them to use as hanging candles! We love the mass effect. Brilliant!


Candlelight Wedding Ideas:

Candles add a dramatic, romantic touch to your ceremony and set the mood at your reception. Candlelight can be as elaborate as this stunning wedding reception in a greenhouse:


Or as simple as adding lavender to small candle jars for a summer wedding. The look is clean and fresh and smells divine!


Candle Centerpieces

Cluster candles into groups. After the sun sets, we’d love to have tables glow. These centerpieces are compromised almost entirely out of candlelight.

Candle Chandelier

We love this idea from Shelterless: A Candle Chandelier can be made with anything that will hold candles. Add your own bling and voila’…you’ve got a quick & simple chandelier to hang anywhere without needing an electrical outlet!

Wire basket a few mason jars, some tea lights, and adornment… Viola! An outdoor chandelier… Romantic outdoor lighting! Add a little handmade glow to your garden, from Sunset Magazine.


Holiday Candle Glow

Are you hosting a special dinner this holiday season? My favorite way to dress up a table is with some simple greens and plenty of candles. You can use clippings from your yard and your holiday tree; you can even use herbs from your kitchen if you have an overabundance. Pillar candle holders and hurricane lanterns are easy to decorate for the holidays.  Simply add first and garden finds to change candle centerpieces for the seasons.


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