Uncommon Bridal Bouquets

Uncommon Bridal Bouquets

What would a trip down the aisle be without a bridal bouquet? This beautiful, hand‐held accessory personifies individual style and creates a marriage memento worth treasuring for years to come. While roses and ribbons make the ideal combination for some brides, others prefer a more unique arrangement.

Never Settle for Ordinary, especially when it comes to your big day!  Customize your bridal bouquet to your wedding theme with unique wedding bouquet ideas from Indeed Decor.

Country Bridal Bouquets: Create rural chic combinations with wheat, lavender, sunflowers, and wildflowers tied with burlap, twine, vintage bandanas, or weathered leather and rope.


Beach Bridal Bouquets; Beach comber’s treasure such as sea stars, shells in all shapes and colors, starfish, and sea urchins. Botanical Beach Bouquets: Lush leaves from the Caribbean, such as a galaxy, papyrus, and areca palm, are combined to create a unique tropical bouquet for a destination wedding.

Woodland Bridal Bouquets: Curly willow, lichen, moss, pine, cedar, fern, birch, and aspen twigs, pine cones, feathers, shed antlers


Unique Seasonal Bridal Bouquets


The changing seasons offer a wonderful opportunity for an uncommon bridal bouquet. Brilliant orange and red roses and calla lilies infused with curly willow and cattails make an eye‐catching blend of autumn color and texture. Winter inspires nosegays of pinecones and snowberries or an armful of juniper boughs dusted with Queen Anne’s lace.

Nosegays of pinecones, snowberries, fir, ponderosa pine, cedar, aspen, or birch twigs, and berries can be swathed in vintage wool, velvet, or rustic burlap for a seasonal alternative to a traditional bouquet.

Customize your bouquet to the theme of your wedding and add personal touches by making your own bridal bouquet.  See step-by-step instructions: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN RUSTIC WEDDING BOUQUET from Rustic Wedding Chic


Fashion boutonnieres for the groom and his party with complimentary materials.


It’s in the Details Unique Boutonnieres for your Groom: Fishing lures, wheat shaft, tiny pinecones, small feathers,

How To: Make A Boutonnière from a Practical Wedding

Who says a Wedding Bouquet has to be done in florals? Think herbs, fruit, wheat, sea shells, feathers, shed antlers, and forest treasures to create a bridal bouquet as unique as the bride who will carry it. Give your wedding bouquet a personal touch by wrapping your bouquet in gramma’s lace heirloom handkerchief, scarf, or accent with vintage brooches.


Customizing a bouquet according to a special theme draws even more attention to the lovely bride. Beach brides enjoy mixing palm fronds and passionflowers or starfish and seashells, while country girls lean toward wheat sheaves dotted with delicate daisies. Groupings fashioned from lichen, moss, pine cones, ferns, or feathers make the perfect complement to a woodland‐style celebration.

A wedding dress demands the perfect accessories, and the bridal bouquet is no exception. Let our design team at Indeed Décor offer ideas and inspiration for your perfect bridal bouquet, making your trip down the aisle even more memorable.