Creative Wall Display

Creative Wall Display

Easy Tips for Creative Wall Display

The Wall “Galleries” I remember from my formative years consisted of High School Senior Portraits ( featuring badly cut bangs and wing-tip glasses) lined up or better yet staggered behind a sofa.

A furniture store framed oil painting of a fruit bowl still life or sunburst metal prongs surrounding a clock above a rarely used fireplace mantel constituted a focal point in most living rooms of this era. Wall Galleries have come a long way baby!


Do you have a big, blank, boring wall space to spruce up and make interesting?  Indeed Decor offers easy tips for creative wall display. Our styling schemes can help anyone “get the hang of it”!

Most people are scared to tackle hanging wall art in their homes. Don’t start with a hammer and nails.  Make a plan first. Before hanging, trace each frame onto newspaper and play around with the cutouts taped with painter’s tape until you find the setup that rings your bell!


Group by theme for maximum impact and imaginative display. For example, this homeowner chose a soothing green botanical theme to unify her dining room and faux birch wall covering.


Mount ledges for an easy & timeless look. We love the creative use of this rustic plate rack to create an eye-catching wall gallery! No measuring or hammering is needed with this adaptable display that lets you add new pieces or shift them around.


Vary frames in shapes and sizes. This stunning wall gallery is made interesting by using different-sized prints and uses colors (black & white) to unify the gallery and set the casual tone of the room. We love the way the robin’s egg blue wall color sets off the black and white frames and prints.


Stagger and layer for depth. This wall display or gallery is visually interesting because of the depth created by layering family photographs on simple and clean ledges.


Mix art, photos, and illustrations. This homeowner put together varied prints with photography and wooden initials to create a cohesive curated display. The use of dijon-colored matting against an olive-colored wall warms the space and guides the eye inward to the black and white prints. Using frames and mats in the same color can unify your artwork, giving your collection a curated look.


Layer framed art with sculptural objects like shells, pine cones, candles, and other small objects. This Beach House owner added a simple ledge above her slipcovered sofa to display her beach treasures in front of a vintage mirror.


Use color and texture to unite your display. Wall Display is fun for even small less public rooms in your home.  Check out the creative way this homeowner displays jewelry in her walk-in closet!


Let the style of your home dictate your choice in choosing Wall Decor:

Farmhouse Wall Gallery 

This wall display is both sophisticated and country casual with the use of simple pine ledges and white transferware layered with a vintage framed blackboard and organic wreath.


Rustic Decor Wall Display

This great wall display mixes found objects from the forest, with an ornate gilded frame on a reclaimed wood background.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up!  Eclectic displays add warmth and character to your space!