The Best White Kitchen With Wood Island Ideas!

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Renovating a kitchen is a huge undertaking, which is why many of us are living with kitchen aesthetics that are decades out of style. 

Not only is updating a kitchen costly, but living without one for the weeks or months on end while work is underway can be extremely tedious. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t give your kitchen a much-needed makeover! 

We spend so much time in our kitchens that the nicer a place we can make it– the better. 

However, you’ll want to pick a style that will age well, and we think that a modern white kitchen with a wood island is the way to go in 2023!

The Rise In Popularity Of White And Wood Accents In The Kitchen

White and wood in the kitchen is a great way to bring together the natural rustic feel of wood, with the clean and modern look of white appliances and porcelain sinks. 

The white gives the room brightness, while the wood elements offer a beautiful, traditional contrast. 

We believe white and wood balance each other perfectly! The combination gives any kitchen a warm, inviting look. It’s homely and rustic, like a kitchen you would find in a country cottage. 

We also think that this style is timeless, unlike the more modern concepts that may go completely out of style and look dated in a year’s time! 

This kitchen trend has been around for a while, but it really took off in 2022 with no signs of slowing down! 

A white kitchen with wood countertops and island is just one of the many combinations you can achieve with these elements. 

Some will choose to go with all wood cabinets with white walls and appliances, while others will only use wood to break up all the white with trims, flooring, or the island itself.

White Kitchen With Wood Island: Ideas + Inspiration For Your Home

When considering your kitchen makeover, there are a lot of things to consider. 

If the idea of wood and white appeals to you, we’ve brainstormed some of the ways you can use this concept to get precisely the look you want!

Use Gold Hardware On Appliances And Cabinets

Using Gold Hardware On Appliances And Cabinets

When you have a white and wood kitchen, gold hardware is an easy way to add a luxurious element without spending a ton of money. The gold stands out beautifully against the pure white. 

It works well whether you’re going for that more modern look, or even a rustic farmhouse kitchen. 

Consider gold for the cabinet pulls, but you could also go gold with the sink faucet, handle, and even the basin! 

Pair this with gold decor sprinkled throughout the kitchen walls and surfaces to really make it shine. 

If your standard yellow gold isn’t to your taste, you could look at brushed gold for a softer look, or even rose gold for its cooler tone. 

The best thing about making a bold choice with the hardware is you can easily swap it out later if you want to, without much fuss.

Vintage Look With Chandeliers Or Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a great way to enhance the design of your kitchen, especially if you’ve opted to keep things simple with the installed components. 

A vintage chandelier is a bold statement in a kitchen. If you want to go with a more classic feel rather than a modern one, a chandelier can help you achieve just that. 

If you’d like a more bohemian look, industrial pendant lights are another possibility!

Consider large vintage light bulbs with clear shades (or even none at all). These look beautiful over a natural wood island.

Pair With Gray Tiles

A gray backsplash can work really well in a white and wood kitchen. 

The gray is subtle and keeps with the more neutral tones, but at the same time helps to break up all the white. 

If you have white cabinets, the gray backlash will help to add some depth that is missing when set against more white. 

Consider laying the tile in a subway or herringbone pattern. A matte finish will give more of a natural stone look, while a glazed finish will look modern and sophisticated. 

Use The Wood Island To Separate The Living Area And The Kitchen

Having an open-plan home is common these days, as it allows those working in the kitchen to still socialize with family or guests. It also makes the home feel larger and more welcoming. 

Separating the kitchen from the living spaces with the kitchen island not only gives some distinction between the spaces, but is also practical. 

The chef of the night can face into the living room while working, and food can be placed on the island from the kitchen and reached from the living room. 

The wood should match the look of the living room as well, helping to blend the spaces together. Choose furnishings that have a similar finish or compliment the look of the island.

Floating Wood Shelves

Floating Wood Shelves

If you have a primarily white kitchen with a wood island, then adding some floating wood shelves can help bring the look together along with providing extra storage! Make sure the wood matches that of the island. 

On the floating shelves, you can add touches to help give your kitchen the look you prefer. 

Plants can add life and a natural look to the kitchen. Opt for vintage books for a more bohemian look, or stylish decoratives can provide that clean, modern feel. 

Balance It Out With White Subway Tile

White subway tiles as a backsplash can help you to achieve that rustic farmhouse kitchen aesthetic. 

For this look, go with a matted finish on the tile, and a slightly darker grout to add contrast and to make the tiles pop!

We think the white subway tile looks amazing with natural deeper, dark woods. 

You can also use subway tiles for a clean, modern look by opting for glossy tiles and pure white grout. 

In particular, you’ll want to make sure they are perfectly installed to get the most from this look! 

Pair The Kitchen With Some Galvanized Details

Galvanized hardware is an easy way to give your white and wood kitchen a more industrial look. 

This style is great for those who like steel or silver-colored hardware, but are not fans of the high level of shine. It’s also much more forgiving with fingerprints, smudges, and scuffs. 

These details look great with wood and white– especially if you are going for a more natural farmhouse look. Pair it all together with a galvanized sink! 

Utilize Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is all the rage in modern homes, and designers have been utilizing it more and more in recent years. 

It can be absolutely striking against a pure white background. If you want that natural feel, this is absolutely the way to go. 

Not only is each piece of wood unique, but it’s also an eco-friendly option. This trend will continue as people become more eco-conscious, which means your kitchen is sure to be considered “in style” for years to come. 

Pairing reclaimed wood with antique steel fixtures, particularly brushed steel or brass, will be absolutely stunning! If you add some green plants, you’ll really get a contemporary and organic feel. 

Choose Freestanding Over Fixed/Built-In Furniture

freestanding furniture

Freestanding furniture, such as the kitchen island, buffet, and even some of the lower cabinets, can be a consideration in this type of kitchen. 

If the built in elements are white while the freestanding furniture is wood, then you easily completely change the whole look of the kitchen down the road. 

The white will offer a great base for the kitchen, as it goes well with anything. When you’ve had enough of the wood, you can go for a black and white, a gray and white, or a bold color and white scheme. 

This way, you can do a renovation without feeling stuck for the next decades. 

Freestanding furniture is great for people that like to keep up with the latest trends, or those who change their minds frequently.

Surround The Wood Island With Stools

A simple way to impact the look of the white kitchen with a wooden island is your choice of stools to put around the island. 

This is another way to change the kitchen’s entire look with something that can be easily swapped out. 

Charcoal Barstools 

A dark barstool is going to give a great contrast against the white and really pop next to the wooden island. 

Charcoal metal barstools can add an industrial look and go great with vintage bulbs and light fixtures, and dark metal hardware. 

Bronze Stools 

Bronze can give a similar modern industrial look as the charcoal option, but without as much darkness. 

Also, look at copper and brass for similar possibilities, but with slight variations in the tones of the metal. A brushed bronze can match great with a natural wood, such as reclaimed. 

Pick hardware and sink options to match.

Gold Stools

For the opulent look, gold stools make a great choice for a modern luxurious kitchen, especially if you choose to do gold hardware.

If all gold is too much, find options with white seats and backs and gold for the structure. 

Wicker Stools

Wicker Stool

For an earthy bohemian look, wicker stools can go great in a more farmhouse style kitchen. Consider synthetic wicker as natural mold, especially with the moisture of the kitchen. 

Also, consider that a wicker barstool and a wooden island may clash. It’s best if the color of the wicker matches the island or if there is a large contrast, such as dark painted wicker next to a light wood island. 

Dark Wood Island

Dark Wood Island

The color of the wood you pick will dramatically impact the look of the kitchen. A light wood will give a soft look against the white, while a dark wood will be more dramatic with a high level of contrast. 

Dark wood islands are very much in style, and work well in a modern kitchen. 

In a white kitchen, the dark wood will make the island the centerpiece. An espresso wood, which is so dark it’s nearly black, works really well in a white kitchen if you are looking for some drama.

Farmhouse Style

A farmhouse kitchen is both inviting and homely. It’s a wonderful style for families, especially those that like a rustic aesthetic. This kind of kitchen helps to make a home feel warm and cozy. 

White and wood are a great start for a farmhouse kitchen. Consider some antique fixtures and a deep large sink in brushed metal to help get that look. 

Reclaimed wood to help bring it to that next level. Avoid tiles and hardware with a high level of gloss, and pick appliances that have a more classic look rather than modern. 

Stone Wall White Kitchen

Instead of white tiles, consider white stone for the backsplash. This will add great texture and a natural, more organic element to the kitchen. It’s a great pick for a farmhouse style. 

Also, consider that stone will be more difficult to clean than tile. You’ll use paint that can be easily wiped, but the texture will add nooks and crannies that splashes can get trapped in. 

It’s perhaps not the best idea for those really messy areas, like behind the stovetop! 

Black Walls With Wood Island

Switching things up, painting the walls of the kitchen black in contrast to the white cabinets and white appliances will get your maximum depth and drama. 

The addition of the wood island will break up the monotone. 

It’s a bold choice, but walls are one of the things that can be changed more easily in the kitchen– so if the idea appeals to you, give it a go! You don’t have to be stuck with it forever. 

Stained Wood Flooring In White Surroundings 

Another way to get a white and wood kitchen is to go white with the cabinets, counters, and appliances and just have a beautiful hardwood floor. 

Stain the floor light or dark, depending on the look you want.

The Bottom Line

With a white and wood kitchen, the design choices are truly endless. If your kitchen is white, adding a wood island can make the center of the kitchen stand out. 

There’s a lot to consider, but creating a good base with white and wood means you can change the look with a few clever design choices. 

Things like hardware, barstools, and decor can easily take a kitchen from modern to vintage!